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How to Disinfect Orchid Cutting Tools

It is necessary to cut away certain parts of your Phalaenopsis orchid if you want to trigger reblooming, propagate the plant, or get rid of diseases. Before you cut your orchid, you have to make sure that the scissors...

The Orchid World in the Past Quarter Century

Orchids are the most widely grown houseplants in the United States today, but they were far less popular 25 years ago. The orchid world experienced many changes over the past quarter century before orchid-growing...

Orchid Mania in Ancient Rome

Thorough examination of ancient artifacts revealed that the ancient Romans were big fans of orchids. Orchids had been widely depicted in the public art of ancient Rome for many centuries, and they started losing...

Famous Orchid Collections in the United States

It is great to be orchid lovers in the United States, because we have access to some of the finest orchid collections in the world. These collections feature an extensive variety of orchids from around the world, and...

What You Need to Know about Keikis and your Orchid (Part 2)

Today, we will provide instructions on how to safely remove a keiki from an orchid plant, as well as some potting and growing tips.

What You Need to Know about Keikis and your Orchid (Part 1)

Keiki is a Hawaiian word that means “child” or “baby”. In relation to orchids, it refers to a baby plant that grows on the cane of an orchid, and it is exactly identical to the original plant. Keikis are mostly found on

Could Drafts in my Home be Killing My Orchid?

Think about the household functions we all take for granted during the winter season – a window that lets in abundant sunlight, a vent that sends up dry heat from the floor and even a ceiling fan that circulates...

Preparing Your Orchid for Exhibition (Part 2)

Today, we will continue our discussion of several other things that you can do to make your Phalaenopsis orchid look more impressive before an exhibition.