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Resources from the American Orchid Society

Among the services that the American Orchid Society provides to orchid lovers is the Orchid Source Directory. The Source Directory helps orchid hobbyists find vendors for everything orchid related -- like orchid plants...

January Is Show Time for Orchids

Housing one of the country’s largest orchid collections, the Missouri Botanical Garden is home to more than 7,000 orchid plants. As visitors enter the St. Louis greenhouse complex where the collection is housed when...

Orchid Names Explained

We’ve trimmed down the American Orchid Society’s reference info down to this handy cheat sheet for you.

Victorian Orchid Watercolors

John Day (1824 – 1888) was a prominent orchid grower and enthusiast of the Victorian era. With color photography a long way off, Day painted watercolors of orchids. He worked with great clarity, for the information in...

Recycle Unwanted Electronics to Help Orchids

The American Orchid Society, or AOS, is offering a chance to ease your conscience, recycle unwanted electronics, go green and support orchids all at once! They’re having a gadget drive that accepts the following:

Continuing Through the Glossary from B to E Orchid Anatomy

Until you get a hang of orchid lingo, glossaries of orchid terminology can be more confusing than helpful. So we thought we’d do our part to connect the dots and fill in the blanks! Here’s our little additions to the...

Glossary Exploration of the letter A for Orchids

Looking at a few online glossaries of orchid terminology, we realized that the explanations given for the words that begin with the letter “A” alone require looking up a number of other words just to understand the...

The Orchid Ladies

The Orchid Ladies are led by Peggy Herrman whose articles on growing orchids in your home have been published in Georgia Gardening Magazine.