How Orchid Leaves Can Predict Your Plant’s Future

If you've ever wished for a crystal ball, you might already have one, at least where your orchid's health is concerned. An orchid’s leaves can indicate whether your orchid care routine is on the right track or headed in an unhealthy direction. While...

Why Is My Orchid Losing Buds or Flowers?

Is your orchid becoming bare as it loses flowers and buds? Before you hit the panic button or — heaven forbid — send your plant to the orchid graveyard, breathe. This is normal behavior! While these 'symptoms' can make it difficult to know whether...

4 Best Money Tree Locations for Wealth and Good Luck

Since money trees are associated with feng shui principles, placement is key as this affects their ability to bring the good luck and fortune for which they are famous. With the Chinese New Year right around the corner, this is the perfect time to...

Staying Alive: Winter Indoor Plant Care Tips

A friend or loved one gave you a houseplant as a holiday gift, which brings added pressure to take good care of it. How do I keep my indoor plant alive during winter?” you may ask, staring at your new plant friend in trepidation.

Orchid Care: How to Care for My Mini Orchid

Are you afraid you're going to 'break' your new mini orchid? Don't let its size and delicate appearance fool you! Phalaenopsis orchid care, even for minis, is easy. Just like their full-sized counterparts, mini orchids are hardy plants that require...

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Anthurium Care and Decor Tips for This Versatile Plant

Did you know anthuriums are the world's longest-living houseplants? Considering each Anthurium flower spike can last up to eight weeks, they make great holiday decor that lasts well beyond the holiday season.

Eco-Friendly Christmas and Holiday Gifts

Want to avoid adding to the waste generated by post-Thanksgiving sales and ensuing spending frenzy? Or perhaps you have a climate-conscious friend you’re afraid to buy gifts for in case they aren’t eco-friendly enough?

Decorating the Holiday Halls with Indoor Plants

Want to know an easy, eco-friendly way to fill your home with holiday cheer? Decorate your halls with indoor plants! Need a centerpiece or something to dress up your fireplace? These natural decorations add a touch of...